Associated with glistening textures, captivating rhythms and sensitive lyricism, Xkylar is the product of singer/songwriter Skylar Steinberg. Her production style lends itself to versatility, drawing inspiration from Rnb, Alt Pop, House and Soul. Using music as an escape, she hopes to transport listeners to a thought provoking dream state. Inspired by people and the concept of love, her songs display an evocative sense of vulnerability and emotion, that will both compel and comfort you.


From a young age Skylar always felt compelled towards music and writing poetry. She eventually went USC to study Health. Upon enrolling she used art and songwriting as a coping mechanism for the stress and pressures of entering college, sneaking away into the practice rooms at night and learning photoshop while studying for Organic Chemistry. During her time in school she performed frequently around LA with friends Daria Black and R E L, including the world famous Troubadour, opening for Grace Van Der Wall, and amassed an engaged online following via instagram, through her unique artistic posts. Producing her single "Why don't we dance more?" and several others led to thousands of streams online as well as some pivotal collaborations with CRWN + Jynjo (who produced soulmate). Continuously releasing singles on soundcloud, "emotional" is her first project to be released other platforms and aims at discussing the complexities of emotion and love.