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I grew up in a world where I was led to believe that those who were less well off were "struggling" or leading miserable lives. However, upon looking in one's eyes I found the most happiness among those that were true to themselves, rooting themselves in their relationships and love.

Sometimes the liberation that comes from freedom of expression regardless of financial wealth is the most freeing. It all comes with the change of mindset. One should never assume that because one has more they are happier. Even some times this pressure of financial success can lead to more chains, mentally and emotionally. This idea of the person one is "supposed to be".

External validation can often impair ones sense of empathy and internal self worth.

If we lose touch with the person we are inside and place too much value on our belongings, how then can we relate to each other?

Isn't our purpose on the planet to develop human connection and long lasting bonds, rooted in emotional openness rather than emotional control? This "familial" controversy plagues my mind. The idea living a life to uphold expectations of the person you are supposed to be in order to fit the role molded by your parents. This control or desire to own your child and craft their place in the world. Yes we all have expectations that we seek out for ourselves and often times for others. However, we cannot displace our own expectations that we set onto other people and hold them accountable in their actions. My best friend, lets say, she is an amazing musician and I expect her to be very successful in that, it is not her responsibility to live up to that expectation for me. Just like it is not my responsibility to become a doctor (lets say) in order to live up to the expectation my family set on me. In addition, just because I was willing to comply when I was younger with their expectations, does not mean that as I get older and develop my own perception I should be blamed for my actions and change of heart.

Its too easy to get trapped in a fantasy. Its funny because I was always told my ideals in life are a fantasy, or a dream, (wanting to be an artist or creative) except in this moment these are the things the most real to me. I feel like I'm living into the life I've wanted and have always known. Other depictions of the way my life would go were just other voices in my head telling me who I should be. It gets hard to hear which voice is your own. ONLY LISTEN TO YOUR VOICE. do not doubt that voice.

Its funny because I think of the idea of normalcy as a fantasy. Getting married, having kids, working a desk job you hate, being rich. Why is that everyones goal or the expectations so many set for themselves? This idea of stability is in fact imaginary. At any moment, everything could be gone and all you have are your memories, experiences and relationships. If these aren't built upon something that is honest then how can you look back on your life with happiness. How can you feel fulfilled if your role in life was manufactured? There is so much beauty in the discovery of ones self. It may take more strength however only in this confidence can one fully feel enough love within themselves to displace it onto others. If we live in a world free of boundaries or preconceived identities then we can give ourselves fully.

Live without the fear of letting anyone down or letting yourself down.

If you love UNCONDITIONALLY, you will forgive yourself for mistakes along the road and allow yourself to live without unfairly judging yourself. Ultimately you will grow to realize, the world will align with your internal desires in a way you could have never known. Yes its scary, but once you learn to embrace the fear as excitement for bewildering unknown territory, you will feel more empowered then ever. With every step you will grow and in time the things that made you scared will cause no fear.


don't be afraid to step out of the set course

the course will ALWAYS be there

the chance to LIVE and take risks may not be


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